I was brought in by ssnapp’s Chief Marketing & Branding Officer to better communicate the social commerce platform’s advantages to marketers and their agencies.


My work shifted communications from product-centric messaging to a customer-value approach. Insights involved ad sales marketing, website analysis, and editorial consultation.

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Innovation: TV's

Short Pod Advantage

Research uncovered clear formatting advantages for national advertisers of syndicated television. 

This insight led to the creation of unique, brand-building advertising units including EIP's (Exclusive Integrated Pods) and Contextuals, allowing marketers to  "own the pod" by integrating their commercial with program content that's aligned with their message.

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These are Results.

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For Sleeping with the Fishes, the award winning independent feature film directed by Nicole Gomez Fisher, I created a cohesive online experience including a custom website, a social media presence, and original blog content.

Results included improved SEO, increased site traffic and social media engagement, tune-ins and sales of the DVD.


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Marketing Insights:

The Paycheck Effect

An analysis of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Gallup and the University of Utah support differences in people’s spending habits based on their pay schedule and the work week. 

Brand building opportunities for marketers include unique flighting initiatives, following “live” viewership, and sponsorships.

Click HERE for the Paycheck Effect case study.